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Cold Fire Pacific

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Cold Fire Pacific, Inc. provides the Next Generation Fire Suppressing Agents and Retardants.

Cold Fire® can be used to extinguish fires or as a rapid surface cool down/heat barrier spray for heated materials. Cold Fire® is also designed to be a safety tool for personal safety and trade applications, for trades such as plumbers, welders, roofers, and mechanics that work with hot surfaces or open flames, Cold Fire® is an excellent pro-active and reactive safety product. For personal safety, Cold Fire® is a must-have for your kitchen, workshop, garage, vehicle or boat.  Click here to view Brochure & MSDS

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ColdFire® 12oz Spray
Cold Fire has the extraordinary ability to remove extreme heat from any object with which it comes in contact.
It works to remove the heat and hydrocarbon fuel source from the fire triangle

Motor Max® 32oz Liquid
Motor Max® expedites the cooling systems' ability to absorb heat from critical engine components, therefore producing a much cooler engine and resulting in less overheating, increased mileage, reduced engine wear and lower emissions. Motor Max allows engine temperatures to meet ideal operating range 40% faster than standard coolant mixes. Compatible with all conventional anti freeze/coolants, Motor Max is Organic/Green, Environmentally Friendly, Biodegradable, Non-Toxic, Non-Corrosive and Non-Staining.
ColdFire® 32oz Spray
Cold Fire™ has many applications beyond wildfires and structure protection. Cold Fire™ is an excellent safety product for plumbers, welders, roofers and all who work with hot surfaces and open flames.
Fire Block Retardant

Fire Block is an environmentally-friendly fire retardant which is used to retard fire in all Class A materials, such as drapes, wall hangings, furniture, boxes and packing materials, fabrics and uniforms, even construction materials.

Unlike many products on the market today, it is specially formulated to be non-toxic, with no PBDE's or neurotoxins that can cause long-term damage to both humans and the environment.


This is what happens when your Pit Safety Crew is NOT using ColdFire®
This guy will not  be using this car soon for any race!  It became toast!

The video to the right will show you an awful fuel fire that could have possibly claimed the life of its driver.  However, the Pit Safety Crew WAS prepared with ColdFire® the best firefighting wetting agent in the world!   Count exactly how many seconds, it took them to extinguish the flames.  Notice that there is NO FLASH BACK when applied to the fire as in the example above.  No Re-Ignition, Renders fuel source inert cooling as it extinguishes.  Unlike the driver above, Vitor Meira was able to get back in the race and finish lead car!

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The Madera Speedway is currently using ColdFire® in their new raceway ready to protect the lives and properties of their visiting drivers!

Odor Seal Demonstration

Odor Seal Odor Seal gets rid of the toughest odors, quickly, safely and effectively.  Odor Seal works by encapsulating the odor. Odor Seal does not mask the odor with fragrances or perfumes.
It actually destroys the odor naturally.
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Non corrosive
  • Non flammable
  • Biodegradable
  • SNAP (Significantly New Alternative Policy) Program Listed
  • USDA Class C listed
Below.. ColdFire® again doing the job other extinguishing agents such as foams, chemicals, etc. fall short of their calling.

ColdFire On The Track

During a pit stop, Vitor Meira got the OK to pull away before the fuel probe was totally withdrawn, resulting in a full-car fireball! The pit crew quickly put out the fire and Meira went back into the race and remained on the lead lap!

ColdFire is biodegrable, environmentally friendly even for the newest track, non-corrosive, non-toxic, non-staining, easy to use and easy clean up!

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