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 The Legend of Uncle Alex's Beef Jerky

Prepare to embark on a gastronomic adventure from which you'll emerge forever changed! Never (and we mean never) will any other beef jerky be able to satisfy as UNCLE ALEX'S. All will pale as poor and sorrowful imitations. Why? Because the beef and ingredients can simply be found nowhere else. This is NO exaggeration.

THE BEEF - Our animals are fed an organic, highly-nutritious, and scientifically developed diet that imparts the absolute freshest taste and delightful aroma. Secondly, our animals are massaged four times daily, assuring the tenderest meat.

THE INGREDIENTS - We use special peppers from the Andepayago Mountains in Peru. Brought down the mountains in wooden crates by burro, the peppers slowly age and acquire the spicy, but not harsh flavor so distinctive in our jerky.

Our soy sauce is made in Tingchiang province in southern China, using a 1,750-year-old recipe. Only 200 gallons are produced each year. UNCLE ALEX buys all of it. Our secret herbs and spices come from such areas as the Cameroun Valley in the Kenya, Agorborazon Forest in Ecuador, and the Villapechechaya Mountains in Mexico.

Is it any wonder that with the finest ingredients and loving care that UNCLE ALEX would create such a palatal masterpiece? UNCLE ALEX produces only 200 pounds of his beef jerky in one year. Not alot, you say? That is true. In order to maintain the magnificent taste and consistent freshness, only small amounts can be produced.

You are indeed fortunate to hold in your hand this package. Multitudes have wanted and waited, but few have tasted. Enjoy, you most fortunate soul!

Although this tale may be fictitious, the taste is definitely NOT! Give it a try, Satisfaction Guaranteed.